Club Fitting


Swing Speed
Driver Fitting
Iron Fitting
Putter Fitting
Wedge Fitting
Launch Angles
Spin Rates
Loft and Lie

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Club Fitting

The most important part to purchasing your next set of clubs. With modern technology this process has never been more user friendly and is something that every player should do. We offer the latest in technologies combined with NZPGA accredited advice we can guarantee you get the right equipment for you.

  • GC2

    GC2 Launch monitor

    The GC2 provides all the numbers to combine with the professional advice and service you will receive.

  • GC2stats

    Shot Analysis

    Every shot brings up a variety of different figures to ensure you get matched for exactly what you're looking for.

  • GC2flyer

    All the information you need

    Making club purchases simple - let the numbers do the talking