Golf Club Fitting Centre

Generally, buying golf clubs off the shelf that tick all the boxes for your swing type, body shape, skill level and personal goals is simply not possible. That is why our premier golf club Fitting Centre provides all the latest brands, technologies and NZPGA accredited expertise to ensure you get the right equipment for your game. We offer custom club fitting that helps improve your accuracy, distance, and consistency – and more importantly, your confidence

We recommend getting fitted because golfers (especially when beginning) develop their swings around the gear they use, and it is easy to form bad habits if your equipment is not perfectly suited. Bring your equipment into our Fitting Centre and talk to us about what you want to achieve with your golf game. Our qualified fitters work with you to custom fit your optimal golf clubs for your skill level, size, goals and budget. We have developed a reputation as a fitting leader through years of experience in this field.


DRIVER FITTING – approx 60 minutes
Let’s face it, the big stick is where all the fun is had. Getting the right combination of head and shaft to get optimal launch conditions is crucial to hitting it further, straighter and more consistent than you ever have.

WEDGE FITTING – approx 45 minutes
Getting the right set of wedges is overlooked by too many players. Lofts, bounce, grind and other options are all looked at to help you with your scoring clubs.

LONG GAME FITTING – approx 90 minutes
Following on from your new distance with the driver, we match the right combination of fairway woods and/or hybrids to compliment your long game.

IRON SET FITTING – approx 60 minutes
With so many options out there to choose from where do you begin? Getting you matched for the right head/shaft/length/lie angle is paramount to success with your irons. Whether it’s more distance, control, consistency or all of them combined, getting correctly fitted is the only way

COMPLETE SET FITTING – approx 3 hours
Includes all fittings for one price to really get yourself sorted.

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