Golf Shop

Our Christchurch golf shop provides all the equipment and accessories you need to develop your game and overall golfing experience. We stock brands from leading suppliers that have proven high quality gear in the industry including golf clubs, hardware, clothing, balls, bags, accessories and more. We have professional golfers in store to offer you advice on the right golf equipment to suit your game and what you want to achieve. Our golf store also provides facilities for you to test your equipment before you buy so you can be 100% confident in your purchase

We believe that choosing the right gear to suit your game is of upmost importance and can often be overlooked by players. Ensuring we can provide the best quality service, expert knowledge, convenience, and competitive pricing for all golfers is key to our golf shop and we pride ourselves on delivering this. We aim to make sure you get the correct equipment to optimise your game and have you firing out on the fairways! We look forward to seeing you instore.

Golf Balls

We stock a wide variety of golf balls from Callaway, Tiltlest & Ping