Driving Range Tips for Beginners

driving range tips

A driving range is the best place to visit when you are learning how to hit a golf ball. If your a driving range newbie you don’t need to worry about holding up other players, or about following specific course rules or dress codes. Another great plus point of a driving range is that you buy a cheap bucket of balls and you don’t need to worry about finding rogue balls after each shot!

The driving range is a great place to:

  • Fix flaws in your swing
  • Get used to new clubs
  • Improve your swing consistency

As a new golfer, you might feel nervous about visiting the driving range…below we offer some driving range tips for beginners to help you feel at ease and get the most from your visit.

5 Driving Range Tips For Beginners

Tip 1: Sort the Basics First – Grip and Posture

To get the most from a trip to the driving range you need to have some basic golf skills under your belt. Make sure you are gripping the club correctly and feel comfortable holding the club. Make sure you have perfected your posture and stance.

Tip 2: Stretch Before you Swing

To avoid any injuries, make sure you warm up your muscles before you start hitting balls. Be sure to stretch your legs, arms and shoulders and make a few practice swings to loosen your body up.

Tip 3: Don’t Rush your Shots

It can be tempting to keep whacking balls one after the other and before you know it you will have got through a bucket in 10 minutes. This won’t help your golf game; you need to think through every shot before you take it just like you would on the golf course.

Tip 4: Develop a Pre Shot Routine – and do it Before Every Single Shot

You should have a short pre shot routine that sets you up for the golf shot you are about to take. It may seem silly practising your routine at the driving range, however it will help you to become more comfortable with your game and it’s really important that you do your routine before every shot you take.

Tip 5: Hit the Putting Green Before you Leave

 Always try to practise your short game after practising your drives. Most of the shots in a typical round of golf are around the green, so it makes sense to include them so that you get an all round training session.

The Takeaway

The driving range is a great place to practise your game and get more familiar with hitting a golf ball. If you follow the tips outlined above you will get the most from your visit.  Remember to hit the balls at the driving range just as if you were on the golf course. No one is watching you and you can’t hold other players up; so don’t be afraid to take your time to make each shot as good as you can!

Riccarton Park Golf Complex has a premium driving range with 30 covered bays and no bookings required. We’re easy to find on Steadman Road, West Christchurch with access off of SH1 and we are open until 9pm Monday to Saturday and until 7pm on Sundays and Public Holidays.. Please contact us if you would like any further information. We look forward to seeing you!