10 Tips to Improve your Pre-Round Warm Ups

Read on to find out 10 tips that can help improve your pre-round warm ups. You may not need to take on all 10 suggestions however you can give them all a try and see which ones help you to play the best round you can.

Why Warm Up Before You Play Golf?

A warm up session involves preparing your body and mind for your upcoming game of golf. The more prepared you are, the more likely that you will play well. Not only that, but preparing physically reduces the likelihood of you acquiring an injury during your game of golf. Preparing physically and mentally for a game of golf will look different for every golfer, and it will take different amounts of time for each person.

Tip 1 – Make time for your warm up

As we’ve said, everyone takes a different amount of time to warm up for their game of golf. Know how long you take and make sure you arrive with plenty of time to carry out your warm up routine. You will start your game with much more confidence if you are calm and unrushed.

Tip 2 – Have a repetitive warm up routine

If you know your routine and always follow the same steps, you’ll always feel the same way when you complete it. This means that whether you’re out playing a round with mates or in a major tournament, you’ll approach the first tee with the same level of preparedness and your body will know what’s expected of it.

Tip 3 – Consider integrating a brief stretch routine

Obviously, you want your pre-round warm up to include warming up using your clubs, but it also pays to stretch your body before you even pick up a club. Try to mimic some of the movements you’ll be making in your game such as squats, rotations, toe touches, lunges and overhead reaches. This will greatly reduce your chances of pulling a muscle during your round of golf.

Tip 4 – Get a feel for the weather

During your pre-round routine is a perfect time to see what the weather is doing. Think about the temperature and how that will affect both you, the golf ball and the course. The wind is also a major factor, consider this as you warm up, and think about how you will adjust your play to fit with the current conditions.

Tip 5 – Don’t judge your pre-round warm up

How you hit the ball during your warm up does not indicate how you will play on the course! Don’t try to give yourself a lesson during your warm up, and always end your practice with each individual club on a good shot.

Tip 6 – Hit every golf club family

You won’t have time to hit every club during your pre-round warm up, however you should aim to hit at least one club from each section of your bag – irons, hybrids, woods and driver.

Tip 7 – Start with your short game, warm up with chips and pitches

Make sure you warm up both short game shots, you can start with smaller swings and gradually increase speed and length as your muscles warm up.

Tip 8 – Practise Putting

It’s important to practise some putts to get a feel for the speed of the green. Start with longer putts and work your way in closer to the tee. It’s a good idea to end with some really short putts that you can’t miss, you’ll know the sound and look of the ball going in which you can recreate when you play your round!

Tip 9 – Build driver confidence

Your driver is the first club you’ll use during your round of golf. A good drive will make the following shots easier so it pays to get yourself comfortable with your driving before you play your round.

Tip 10 – Develop a Pre Shot Routine – and do it Before Every Single Shot

As well as a pre-round routine, you should have a short pre-shot routine that you do before each shot. This will add to your mental and physical preparedness. Carry out your pre-shot routine every 2-3 shots during your warm up.

The Takeaway

Remember that golf is your hobby, you play the game for fun and you should feel happy with whatever score you come away with on the day. By carrying out a pre-round warm up you can begin with the optimum mindset going into the game, which should hopefully mean you play well and get maximum enjoyment.

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