The Importance of a Golf Club Fitting


Have you been wondering how important a golf club fitting is and whether you should have one? Then this handy blog on the importance of a golf club fitting is perfect for you. Lets first begin by describing the process. A custom golf club fitting involves a qualified fitter spending up to 3 hours (for a full set of clubs) with a golfer analysing their swing and working out what type of clubs best suit their swing style. The fitter will be looking to match the following aspects of the club to the golfer:

  • Shaft flex – There are 5 flex types which range from extra stiff to ladies flex. Each flex type is designed for a specific load factor: club head speed within a certain time frame (your backswing).
  • Club Weight – the weight needs to be correct for your level of strength. A club that is too heavy for you will mean you may not have the strength to hit the golf ball correctly.
  • Shaft Length – the correct length will ensure your body is in the correct position and will give you the ability to produce a swing that you can repeat time and time again.
  • Loft angle – The loft angle of the club face usually sits somewhere between 8-14 degrees and the correct angle is determined by how the golfer hits the ball.
  • Lie angle – This works in with the loft angle and is important because the correct lie angle will ensure the club sits squarely on the ground.

So now you know what is analysed in a custom golf club fitting, why is it important to get one?

Why Get A Golf Club Fitting?

All golfers will adapt their swing to suit their clubs. If you have a poorly fitted set of clubs it is likely that you will develop bad habits and won’t develop proper form. A custom golf fitting can actually make your golf game easier and more enjoyable.

Some issues on the course that can be traced back to poorly fitting clubs are outlined below:

Lack of Distance

A custom fitting will collect data on the player’s swing speed. This will allow the fitter to suggest launch angles for optimal distance.

Missing Putts

If you find you are consistently missing to the left or right of the target it could be due to the lack of squareness of the face of the putter to the target at impact. This problem can be solved with a custom fitting.

Inconsistent Shots

If you are using a club with the weight and shaft length for your swing you might produce off centre shots. Similarly, by looking at elements of club design such as lie angles, off target shots can be addressed.  

The Takeaway

A custom golf club fitting is important for golfers at any stage of their game. Beginners will benefit from having clubs that fit the framework of their swing and will mean they get the most from their lessons. More experienced golfers will find that having custom fit clubs helps to reduce poor shots. At an advanced level, a golfer will be able to use the knowledge gained in a fitting to determine the shots that they want.

Riccarton Park Golf Complex offers a range of fitting services carried out by qualified fitters. We’re easy to find on Steadman Road, West Christchurch with access off of SH1 and we are open for fittings during weekdays. Please contact us if you would like any further information, or to book your fitting. We look forward to hearing from you!