5 Best Golf Trundlers (according to RPGC)

We’ve taken the best golf trundlers for sale at our golf shop, and made our own top 5 list to enhance your golfing experience!

Best Golf Trundlers

#1. Clicgear 4.0 Golf Trundler

The long-awaited Clicgear model 4 trundler has been warmly welcomed by excited golfers the world-over, boasting a range of impressive features including a new adjustable upper saddle, new lower saddle, and new durable silicone bag straps. With its heavy-duty yet lightweight frame, it offers durability without compromising manoeuvrability. The trundler also boasts independent handle bar adjustments, a robust braking system for stability on slopes, and an improved storage system with ample space for golfing accessories (scorecard, ball, pencil & tee holders), making it a reliable and versatile companion for golfers of all levels. It is widely regarded as the best overall push trundler available on the market today with effusive praise given in trundler reviews.

Clicgear Golf Trundlers

Clicgear golf trundlers are best known for their durable construction and exceptional overall quality, along with their smooth maneuverability and stability, ensuring a comfortable bag transportation on the golf course. Moreover, Clicgear push carts are highly regarded for their innovative features, such as their compact folding mechanism and ample storage options, making them a popular choice among golfers worldwide.

#2. Walkinshaw Racer 360+ Trundler

The Walkinshaw Racer 360+ Trundler stands out with its added feature of a built-in seat. The inclusion of a side seat in the Trundler grants easy access to all pockets of your golf bag, while the seat itself features a lift-up storage compartment specifically designed to hold your accessories securely. The Racer 360+ Walkinshaw Golf Trundler takes its name from a 360⁰ swivelling front wheel for outstanding manoeuvrability while 12” 5-spoke wheels ensure a smooth roll. We consider it to be the best seated trundler currently available.

The benefit of having a golf trundler with a seat is the ability to take a comfortable breather between shots, giving golfers a lovely quick rest when there is no course seating available, which is, invariably, most of the time!

#3. Sun Mountain PX4 Push Cart

The Sun Mountain PX4 Cart is an impressive update of the Pathfinder 4 model, offering an array of enhanced features. Similar to its predecessor, the PX4 maintains the effortless folding/unfolding mechanism in just two simple steps and includes built-in storage for added convenience. The addition of a single-piece handle allows for easy one-handed pushing, while the updated console tray with dual-umbrella attachments proves to be a practical improvement. Furthermore, the adjustable front wheels effortlessly accommodate larger golf bags, and the inclusion of a drink holder adds to the overall functionality of this push cart.

#4. Clicgear Rovic Trundler

Rovic by Clicgear

The Rovic by Clicgear swivel trundler is a popular choice among golfers for its excellent functionality and sleek design. With its compact folding mechanism, it offers easy storage and transportation, making it a convenient option for golfers on the go. The trundler features a durable frame, smooth-rolling wheels, and a variety of accessory options, providing golfers with a reliable and customisable solution for transporting their golf bags around the course.

#5. Flip n Go Trundler

The Flip n Go golf trundler stands out for its innovative design, offering a seamless transition between walking and trundling modes, providing versatility for golfers of all preferences. Designed with utmost consideration for your comfort and ease, this trundler streamlines your experience on the course, eliminating unnecessary exertion and saving you valuable time. Its smart design and functionality allow you to focus on your game, without distractions or complications. Embrace efficiency and elevate your golfing experience with the Flip N Go Trundler—where convenience meets style. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your time on the course more enjoyable and hassle-free. Get yours today and experience the difference firsthand.