All you need to know about Golf Bags

A golf bag is an important piece of equipment for a golfer. A good golf bag will store, transport and help to keep your golf clubs (and other golfing paraphernalia) clean and organised.  

The 4 main golf bag types are:

  • Tour (staff) bags are mostly used by professional golfers, or those lucky enough to have a caddy to carry their bag for them. They are typically very large, bulky and highly visible bags – think advertising – big brands want their logo to be prominently displayed!
  • Cart bags are a little smaller and a lot lighter than tour bags. They are designed to be used with a golf cart or a push/pull cart and are usually too bulky to be carried around the course. These bags have plenty of room for golf clubs as well as multiple pockets for other golfing accessories.
  • Carry (Sunday) bags are usually very small and light bags that are often used by players that don’t need the full set of clubs for their course. They can sometimes be folded for storage and often hold less than the maximum allowed 14 clubs and may have 1 or 2 accessory pockets for golfing essentials.
  • Stand (carry) bags are a great all round bag. These bags are designed for golfers that like to carry their bag around the course, the stands keep the bag upright when the golfer puts it down to take a shot. Stand bags typically have ‘backpack’ style double shoulder straps and a padded back section for comfortable carrying. The best stand bags also have a cart pass through strap so they can be used on a push/pull or powered cart.

Now you have an idea about the types of golf bags available, you might be thinking about how to choose the right golf bag. The type of golf bag you need will be related to where you normally play golf, how often you play and also the amount of equipment you need to take along to the course with you.

How to choose the right golf bag

There are a few things you should consider when purchasing a golf bag, the tips below will help you to choose the right golf bag.

Golf bag pockets

If you are a golfer with a lot of gear (think rangefinder, spare balls, towel, drink bottle, personal items, gloves, club brush etc) you will need a bag with plenty of pockets. You probably won’t fancy carrying your bag around the course if it is regularly loaded down with accessories. In this case, a cart bag like the Ping Traverse might suit you best

If you want to carry your bag around the course, along with a few accessories, a modern stand bag like the versatile Ping Hoofer could be the bag for you. With nearly as many pockets as a cart bag, as well as a cart strap pass through channel to ensure all pockets are accessible if you use it with a cart – it’s a great option for those that carry more than they cart.


Even if you plan to use a cart every time you play a round of golf, you still need to be able to lift your bag to transport it to and from the course. You must also remember that an empty bag may not feel very heavy, but you need to work out how much weight will be added on when your clubs and other accessories are packed in.


Remember to also consider the number of dividers a golf bag has, as one of the key points of the bag is to keep your clubs in good order! Most cart and some stand bags have a 14 way divider but the lighter stand/carry or carry/Sunday bags will often have less dividers. Make sure you are happy with the amount of dividers the bag has before you purchase, as dividers are moulded to fit the bag so you can’t easily change them.

The takeaway

The type of golf bag you need will depend upon where, how and how often you play golf. If you regularly golf on a large course and always use a cart, it makes sense to purchase a cart bag which is designed for just that purpose. If you want to mostly carry your bag but sometimes use a cart then a stand/carry bag is a good option. It is a good idea to visit the shop in person to help you choose the right golf bag. In-store you can get advice from knowledgeable staff as well as getting a feel for the different bags available.

Riccarton Park Golf Complex has a fully equipped golf shop that stocks a range of high quality golf bags. We have professional golfers in store to offer you advice on the best equipment to suit your game.  We’re easy to find on Steadman Road, West Christchurch with access off of SH1. Please contact us if you would like any further information. We look forward to seeing you!