Golf Balls

Golf balls are considered to be as important as clubs during a game of golf and it is true that a premium ball will last longer and perform more consistently than a cheaper option.

There are vast differences in price between golf balls, with a dozen branded balls costing anywhere from $29.99 – $99.99. There are options to buy second hand “lost and found” balls however many golfers don’t use these as they have their own brand preferences and also prefer to use balls that they know the history of.

Golf balls can have between 1 – 5 pieces. A 1 piece ball is used for practice only (think the buckets of balls at the driving range). 2 piece balls are generally the cheapest of the course balls and are perfect for beginners, or those that may lose a lot of balls.  As your handicap lowers, your desire for a ball with more layers might increase. 3-5 piece balls are for more experienced golfers who wish to add different elements to their game. As these balls are more about personal preference, experienced golfer can attend a fitting session where they will work out whether a 3, 4 or 5 piece ball suits their game best.

The many layers of a golf ball

5 Facts About Golf Balls

Read on for 5 fun facts about golf balls, we can’t promise they’ll improve your game but they will give you some interesting knowledge to share during your next visit to the golf course!

  1. Wooden Balls. The first ever golf balls in Scotland were made from wood. They were usually made from hardwoods like beech and were not completely round in shape, which would have made for an interesting game!
  2. Lost Balls.The average golfer loses around 2 balls per game of golf. If you play once a week that could equate to 100 golf balls per year!
  3. Dimpled Balls. The attractive dimples on a golf ball serve a purpose. There are usually between 300-500 dimples on a golf ball and these make the ball travel further. If the ball was completely smooth there would be more drag, and therefore less distance, than there is with a dimpled ball.
  4. Standard Sized Balls. Standardisation began in the 1930s, with the USA and Europe originally having different standards for ball size and weight. In 1990 a uniform size and weight was agreed upon. A standard golf ball should weigh no more than 1.620oz (45.93grams) and be no smaller than 1.680inches (42.67mm) in diameter. If you played in international tournaments before 1990 you would have to change ball sizes between the USA and Europe!
  5. Old balls. Studies have shown that a golf ball with no visible damage should be able to last 7, 18-hole rounds of golf. As soon as a ball starts to feel rough, it should be replaced. In actual fact though, it is more likely that you will lose a ball before it wears out!

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