6 Great Reasons to Use Our Driving Range

Reasons to Use Our Driving Range

A driving range is usually a dedicated area within a golf course that is designed to improve golfing techniques and help with your swing. When playing a round of golf you don’t usually get much opportunity to practise the different elements of the game. A driving range offers you the chance to hone your skills without being in a competitive situation, so that you can be on top form for your next game!

Riccarton Park Golf Complex is located in Christchurch, in the south island of New Zealand. Our driving range has 30 covered bays and offers a safe and fun environment for golfers of all ages and abilities to practise and perfect their skills. Advantages of Riccarton Park Golf Complex Driving Range are:

  • Covered bays for all-weather play
  • Flood lit for night play
  • Right and left bays
  • Grassed tee areas
  • Multiple tee heights
  • No bookings required
  • Premium fiberbuilt mats
  • Putting and chipping practise area
  • Open late until 9pm Monday-Friday
  • Open until 7pm on weekends and public holidays

If that hasn’t convinced you to come and have a go, see below for a list of reasons to use our driving range.

6 Great Reasons to use our driving range

  1. Practise your swing – The driving range offers you the chance to practise your swing again and again without the pressure of someone waiting for their turn behind you. You can focus on your swing, follow through or your stance and really take the time to perfect them.
  2. Time and Cost – At just $5.50 for 25 balls you could take a long lunch break, get some fresh air and improve your golf at the same time! All for less than the cost of a large coffee.
  3. Features – Riccarton Park Golf Complex boasts flood lights for night play as well as areas to practice your chipping and putting – giving you a variety of ways to perfect your play.
  4. No competition – Even a round of golf with friends has an element of competition. At the driving range you are playing purely to develop your own skills. You needn’t compare yourself to, or try to win against, anybody else.
  5. Focus – Because you aren’t having to walk between holes and continually set up your equipment you have more time and energy to pay attention to and focus on other aspects of your play such as your swing or how your clubs work for you.
  6. Muscle memory – Using the driving range allows your body to develop muscle memory. As you make repetitive motions your body will begin to remember how your wrist moves and where your hands are best placed on the club. This can help your game, as your muscles will remember how you like to drive and will naturally place your hands in the best locations on the clubs during your future games.

Riccarton Park Golf Complex is your one stop shop for family golf entertainment, golfing practice, golf coaching & advice and all things golf! We’re easy to find on Steadman Road, West Christchurch with access off of SH1. Please contact us if you would like any further information. We look forward to seeing you!