Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Rangefinder

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  1. Enhanced slope algorithm to provide you with even more precise tour-trusted compensated distances to account for the hole’s incline/decline.
  2. Slope-Switch Technology lets you easily switch the Tour V5 Shift in and out of Slope mode. Tour V5 Shift is legal during tournament play when Slope is disabled.
  3. Integrated BITE magnetic technology makes attaching the Tour V5 Shift right on a cart bar easy.
  4. Know exactly when you’ve hit the pin, with vibrating pulses and a flashing red ring — for confirmation you can see and feel when the laser locks in.
  5. Magnification, definition and vivid color unite for a difference you’ll see in both your sightline and your handicap.
  6. Trust your Bushnell for precise distances that make all the difference — and add an edge to your game with yardage accuracy within 1-yard.
  7. Unlock vital information including distances, hole layouts and 3D flyovers powered by the latest additions and updates.

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