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G Le3’s iron/hybrid combo solution allows golfers to create the ideal set with optimal gapping to help ensure success with every swing. In the lightweight irons, a lower CG and custom-engineered lofts produce more ball speed and distance. Available 6-9, PW, UW, SW.

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Long-Distance Irons

A lower CG and custom-engineered lofts produce distance gains. Forgiveness comes from a thinner face that positions mass low and to the perimeter. High-density heel-toe weights add to MOI and allow for light swingweights, and a PurFlex cavity badge contributes to face flexing and the pleasing sound.

Easy Out of Bunkers

In the sand wedge, engineers applied the proven attributes of the iconic EYE2 sand wedge while ensuring modern-day appeal. Its slimmer hosel, wider sole and more traditional head shape combined with fully machined grooves help take the fear out of bunker play. The PW and UW also feature fully machined grooves.

An Identity All Its Own

Along with its score-lowering technology, the G Le3 family is distinguished by a sophisticated color combination of navy, gold and silver accents across the clubs, bags, headcovers and grips, creating a premium and high-performance appeal for women serious about having fun on the course.

Custom-Engineered, Custom-Made

The G Le3 family offers a full set of lightweight, easy-to-swing, performance-engineered clubs custom-made for women. They deliver added distance and unmatched forgiveness with a confidence-inspiring look and a pleasing feel and sound.

Lighter Shafts and Grip

PING’s proprietary ULT250 Lite and Ultra Lite premium graphite shafts are standard throughout the G Le3 metal woods and irons to bring down the overall club weight while helping generate more clubhead speed and higher launch. The lighter Lamkin ST Soft grip is softer and more comfortable.


4-hybrid 39 1/4″ 22.0° n/a n/a 59.0° 0.00″ n/a C0
5-hybrid 38 3/4″ 26.0° n/a n/a 59.5° 0.00″ n/a C0
6-hybrid 38 1/4″ 30.0° n/a n/a 60.0° 0.00″ n/a C0
7-hybrid 37 3/4″ 34.0° n/a n/a 60.5° 0.00″ n/a C0
6-iron 37 1/8″ 25.0° 24.0° 26.0° 61.5° 0.21″ 7.1° C1
7-iron 36 1/2″ 29.5° 28.5° 30.5° 62.0° 0.18″ 8.1° C2
8-iron 36″ 35.0° 33.5° 36.0° 62.8° 0.15″ 9.1° C2
9-iron 35 1/2″ 41.0° 39.0° 42.0° 63.5° 0.13″ 10.6° C2.5
PW 35″ 46.0° 44.5° 47.5° 64.1° 0.11″ 12.0° C4
UW 35″ 52.0° 50.0° 52.0° 64.1° 0.11″ 12.0° C5
SW 34 1/2″ 56.0° 55.5° 56.5° 64.4° 0.09″ 13.0° C6


  • These are design specifications that may vary due to manufacturing tolerances.
  • Lie angle is based on Black Color Code at standard length.
  • Achievable swingweights depend on shaft, length and grip combinations.
  • Available in left- and right-handed models.

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